Time for tea with the OPP


Bruce and Rebecca Caverly speak with Norfolk OPP Staff Sergeant Joe Varga at Uncle’s Country Coffee.

In a new style of community outreach, Norfolk County OPP invited Port Rowan and area residents to come share a cup of tea.
It’s quite possible you may have heard about the “Coffee with a Cop” sessions taking place around the area but have you heard about “Tea with the OPP”?
Norfolk County OPP said in a news release that “nobody likes a copy-cat and since there are just as many tea drinkers in Canada (or close to it), the Norfolk County Ontario Provincial Police has come up with their own version — “Tea with the OPP”.
This first-ever event was held on Thursday, February 22 for two hours in the early afternoon at Uncle’s Country Coffee on Bay Street in Port Rowan.
The OPP says it’s about community engagement and connecting with people in a relaxed and inviting manner.
Norfolk County OPP officers including Detachment Commander Lisa Anderson and Staff Sergeant Joe Varga kicked off this first ever “Tea with the OPP” social.
“One of the goals of Tea with the OPP is to discuss the issues that impact the community and learn about each other. It is an opportunity to relax, grab a seat, a coffee and have a chat,” stated Constable Ed Sanchuk of Norfolk County OPP.
While enjoying lunch, Rebecca Caverly from Delhi spoke with Staff Sergeant Joe Varga and later said the event gives the public an opportunity to see the police out in the community and could “keep a door open” to create better cooperation between the public and the police.
Plans are underway to expand “Tea with the OPP” into other Norfolk County communities.