Shadowland Theatre at Port Rowan Public School

PRGN-April-2014-#11-Gr-7WPort Rowan Public School students participated in creative workshops from March 3 to 6, led by Shadowland Theatre’s Anne Barber of Toronto Island.
For Ms Barber, it was an enjoyable return visit to a school where her artistic and dramatic instruction has been warmly received in the past.
During two hours a day for four days, Ms. Hutchinson’s grade seven students researched the founding of New France in Quebec and created three dimensional masks of important characters such as Bishop Lavale, the Conte de Frontenac, aboriginal people and voyageurs.
Anne Barber commented: “They really motored on. They had photos or paintings to refer to and went to work”. Using bristol board, masking tape, paint, fabric and tissue, the characters came to life.
Grade seven teacher Ms. Hutchinson said that the experience was valuable for her students: “It combines history, drama and art – connecting 400 years of history into our lives today”.
At the same time, eighteen grade six students in Ms. Gubesch’s class were learning to create rod puppets. “This is a new exposure for them” said Ms. Barber. “This group concentrated on story-telling and not just the making of puppets”. “There were three groups, each with a journey and a crisis. Their story is about how it’s resolved”.
Stories about ninjas, ‘Alex in Wonderland’ and boys finding a gold egg, were taking shape during the workshop. “Ms. Gubesch will carry on and get the students to tell their stories” said Ms. Barber.
Shadowland Theatre hopes to return to the St. Williams Nursery & Ecology Centre this year, with summer workshops and outdoor performances in September, depending on funding. “This year’s production will be on the value of water for all living things, not just humans” explained Barber. “We want to involve even more people if possible”.