‘Saloon’ now open downtown


Chef Stan Brys and his partner Mikella Baksi had their grand opening of “Saloon” on Bay Street in Port Rowan and Chef Stan says “we could not be happier with our grand opening.”

At left: When Jeff Bouck of Front Road, Port Rowan, heard the news that a new Saloon had opened in town, it didn’t take long before he rounded up his “posse” and rode into town to check the place out. A crowd gathered as the wagon and horses travelled along Bay Street.                                         Photos by Chris Vandenbussche

The restaurant and pub has become a popular destination. Chef Stan says “our main aim is to provide every single person that walks through our door with nothing but the best quality food and service.”
The menu continues to expand. Currently, the Saloon opens at 4 p.m. daily.