New Before and After School Program starting in January at Port Rowan Public

Selena Reimer was recently hired after working as a gymnastic coach and with summer camp expertise; Amanda Tiller (Teeter) has worked for six years in other childcare facilities, through REACH and the school board as an ECE; Mary Labatt, director of the Childcare Program at CTK, is thrilled for her local and qualified staff.

By Shelly Wiebe

Officially opening their doors in September of 2016, Christ the King Childcare, at the Lutheran Church on Bay Street, has seen the need for a before and after school program in the community.
Amanda Tiller (Teeter), supervisor at CTK says that they have had to turn down many before and after school care requests.
“We are licensed for 15 children here at CTK Childcare Centre. We take on 10 kids per day leaving five spaces available for school aged children on and off the bus but, unfortunately, we saw a greater need than what we could allow,” says Amanda.
Partnering with Port Rowan Public School in the new year, the staff at Christ the King and principal Lynda Kilpatrick are thrilled to come together to offer the families within the community another choice in child care.
The before and after school program will be run out of the the Public School on College Ave. starting in January and will be open to all school-aged children from JK and up.
Drop off time will be from 7:00 a.m. until school starts with a last pick-up time of 5:30 p.m. The program will have child care on PD Days and school holidays for the full day available.
“We will be providing the children with a nutritional snack both before and after school but most importantly we want to give the children a great start and end to each school day,” says Director of CTK Mary Labatt.
“We don’t want the kids to feel as if they have been in school all day so we have and will plan for an atmosphere that will mimic a boys and girls club.”
The program will have access to the library, gym and the outdoor playground.
According to Mary, they have received government grants that will provide lots of equipment and supplies.
“We have ordered Lego, and books, and gym equipment and will truly be able to serve the community and the families within it by providing a safe and fun environment in which they can grow and learn.”
Always with the focus on the community, Mary says she is thrilled with the way the daycare has grown and expanded and is excited to see how this new program runs.
For more information or to enroll your child, phone Amanda Tiller (Teeter) at Christ The King (519-586-8383) or email them at
Subsidy is available for qualifying families and Amanda encourages those interested to register with ONELIST at