Gallery Art Bistro seeking approval for sidewalk patio this summer


(This article is corrected from the May 2019 print edition to reflect that the Bistro is seeking approval for a patio and has not received approval.)

Shauna Proctor-Olney,  owner of the Gallery Art Bistro on Bay St. in downtown Port Rowan, is seeking approval by Norfolk County to install a small seasonal patio in front of her business.

It was suggested to her that this proposal also be passed by the Long Point Chamber of Commerce.

At Thursday, April 18th’s Chamber meeting, the majority of the members present agreed that this is a Norfolk County issue and the Chamber should have no “voice” in this matter.

It was also mentioned that this would set a precedent that the Chamber was not interested in getting involved in.

The planned patio will take up the two parking spaces directly in front of the Bistro. It will be movable with a wheelchair ramp and open to the public during the summer. The patio would be open on Sundays after church services have concluded.