Decision May 23 on neighbour’s Long Point motel development appeal to MOE

AtPlayLong Point Architect DrawingThe atPlay Adventures motel development on Long Point has been challenged by neighbouring property owner Claudia Unterstaub who has appealed a ruling by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment (MOE) to allow use of an engineered septic system. This also formed part of her appeal to the Ontario Municipal Board in 2011 against the original proposal.

The Environmental Tribunal will re-examine the “complex” situation and make a decision on May 23rd.

In a recent e-mail to the Port Rowan Good News, Ms Unterstaub wrote: “I have also not been satisfied that the MOE has dealt with all the required issues or that they have been provided with all the required information to make a sound decision. I am truly concerned that this could result in harm to the environment and impact the health and safety of my family”.

Ms Unterstaub continues “A site plan has been approved; however, the septic servicing of the development is still in question”. “Concerns from me and from the Public last year have already identified deficiencies; one being the requirement for a new septic design to accommodate occupancy for 116 individuals vs. the 36 individuals declared on the atPlay application. This is an example of the type of very important information that MOE has not had”.

Ms. Unterstaub’s objections about building a multi-unit motel in cottage country, remain. Ms. Unterstaub wrote: “The application, for virtually the same building design and scale, previously submitted in 2009 as a condo, is now being entertained by the County as a “motel”. “I have not been satisfied that the County is doing what is correct. Allowing the same plan to build a two-storey 18 unit multi room building, that the OMB has stated is “in no way is the type of development contemplated by the County for Long Point”, seems very inappropriate”. A letter from the County lawyer has pointed out that the current motel can be rebuilt; however; the lawyer in his letter does not describe how large the new building can be. The OMB decision clearly states that the Shoreline Policies only allow for the replacement of the current usable floor space’’.

Ms Unterstaub wrote that she was confident that her objections “will be resolved through this process” and hoped that the County would halt development during the Tribunal review.

The May 23rd decision of the Tribunal will be posted on the Ontario Ministry of the Environment website.



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