Chef Stan’s Saloon scheduled to open in December

By Chris Vanden Bussche

This past July, the Good News featured a story about Chef Stan and his food trailer finding a home at the Port Rowan Legion.
Well, he’s done it again. After a successful summer of rave reviews on his food and service, he’s found a new home. This time it’s a “year round” destination.
When our local Chinese restaurant decided to close its doors and sell the building, it became “food for thought” with Stan and Mikella. After a long discussion with Stan’s parents, Richard and Wanda, the couple decided to make the investment and started the wheels turning.
Now proud owners of an already established restaurant with a fully equipped kitchen and a large living space above, which they have already moved into, Chef Stan’s Saloon, can now serve food 12 months of the year. As for the food trailer that served Chef Stan so well this past summer, it’s available, see Stan for details.

Above: Chef Stan and his fiance Mikella stand in front of some of the graphics painted on the interior of the newly renovated restaurant.

Chef Stan couldn’t be happier with his now long-term establishment. We’ve all seen the impressive art work on the exterior of the building and the interior will match it.
There will be live edge bar tops. Booths with covered cowhide seating, a pool table, dart board and his signature burgers will remain on the menu. As for the rest of his expanded menu, he assured me that “everything will still be made from scratch, no short cuts or frozen products.”
The menu will be two-sided, with a chalk board listing daily specials; vegan and gluten free dishes will also be available.
Stan’s parents will be a big part of the new restaurant and Chef Stan was very vocal in saying that the Saloon will be a “family restaurant”.
There will be a “Job Fair” prior to the opening.
Since this will also be a licensed establishment, Stan has thought ahead to any “issues” that may result in “misbehaviour” including a month ban and a picture of the troublemaker on a wanted poster on the outside door.
If all goes as expected with the renovation, the doors will be open to the public in early December.
Right now, there are plans for a karaoke night, live music once a month and anyone with the knowledge can play the beautiful Weber stand-up piano that’s on the premises. With a month left to wait for the grand opening, who knows what he’ll surprise us with next.