Bayfest weekend plans fun for all

Crystal Saunders, chair of the Bayfest Committee, was excited to publicly announce on Wednesday, August 22nd that Cope Amusements would provide a midway for Labour Day weekend.
Crystal also shared that Friday night would be “Toonie Night” and Saturday would feature a $20 “Ride All Day” bracelet.
“We really hope everyone enjoys having a midway back.” says Crystal adding that last year’s inflatables, although a great alternative, was only serving a limited audience.
“Cope Amusements will provide a few rides for all ages, which we think is best for those that attend our festival.”
The midway is not the only thing retuning this year. The always popular Build-a-Boat Contest has been brought back and will take place Saturday morning starting at 9:30 a.m.
This event has quickly become one of the most popular events of the weekend drawing a large crowd to cheer on the “sink or swim” boat race of each team’s finished creation. To register for Build-a-Boat, visit the Port Rowan Home Building Centre on Bay Street.
And while the Street Dance has remained a big attraction each Labour Day weekend, this year it will reinstate its spot on the main street and for the first time ever, provide a beer tent for the 19+ crowd.“We have a lot of great changes this year,” says Crystal. “We have had to re-evaluate the way the weekend is laid out but we think the line-up of events will please the masses and provide an enjoyable weekend for all.”
The Bayfest brochure can be found at the businesses downtown and everyone is encouraged to pick up a few and pass them around to family and friends. The weekend is chock full of great things to see and do and the Bayfest Committee needs your support.
As well, the back page of this issue of the Good News contains a list of events for Bayfest weekend.

“We really want the people to come out and enjoy Bayfest. The nine person committee works so very hard to make this possible and having the support of the community is needed to make it worthwhile,” says Crystal.
She adds how amazing the Bayfest committee really is. “Most of the volunteers have full-time jobs and other commitments, yet month after month, setback after setback, they are determined to make sure the weekend is successful. We fund the weekend on the donations we receive and funds we raise through to year… without these hard-working individuals, and our sponsors, Bayfest would not happen.”
Kicking off on Friday, August 31st with a Family Movie Night, instead of the traditional opening ceremonies, the Committee invites you and your family to come out and enjoy the fun traditions and the new events, guaranteed to please all ages.