Adam Shoalts’ travels from Norfolk to Nunavut


By Jessica Tulpin

Canadian author Adam Shoalts arrived home to Norfolk from a six-week Arctic expedition in time to release his third book ‘Beyond the Trees’ which hit bookstores this fall.
The story recounts his 4000 km journey by canoe across arctic Canada in 2017. The four month expedition took him from Eagle Plains, Yukon near the Alaskan border to Baker Lake, Nunavut, where he met wildlife face-to-face and soaked in the beauty of the lonely and vast unspoiled wilderness.
Shoalts took his first solo trek at just 13 years old, in the forest near his home in Northern Ontario.
His father, a woodworker, fostered a love for trees and plants and inspired his journeys into the wild.
“I just love being in the outdoors. I love being in the wilderness where no one else is around for miles,” he told the Good News.
His writing career began with a nature column called “Reflections of a Naturalist”, where he shared his thoughts and knowledge about environmental issues and wildlife. Eventually he would write about his wild adventures in his book, ‘Alone Against the North.’
His second book, ‘The History of Canada in Ten Maps’ is a look at Canada’s untold history. The stories of his adventures have earned him the nickname “Canada’s Indiana Jones” and have landed him on television and radio shows including CNN and BBC.
He has worked as a survival instructor, has led numerous expeditions and archaeological digs and has photographed rare wildlife.
He graduated from Brock University with an Honours B.A. in the Humanities; completed a Master’s degree and PhD at Hamilton’s McMaster University.
His extensive resume has made him a sought-after public speaker when he isn’t away exploring. Schools, libraries, conferences and museums across the country invite him to speak about his experiences in the wild, connecting with nature and “unplugging”.
His personable and energetic style draws the audience into his presentations and inspires them to get excited about Canada’s wilderness.
Adam is expecting to be home for the winter as he usually goes on expeditions from May till September when the weather isn’t as harsh and travel to and from his drop off points isn’t as challenging.
“When I’m home my new home is in Norfolk County,” he said. He and his wife, Aleksia moved to the St. Williams area a year ago, after they had visited the area a few times and fell in love with the lush forests, agricultural landscapes and lake views. “I could never live in the city,” he added.
Since moving, he has had the joy of guiding forest hikes close to home and speaking to local groups about his adventures. He recently spoke at an event at the Port Dover Community Centre presented by the Port Dover Harbour Museum.
Aleksia shares his love of nature and although she doesn’t join him on his expeditions, she supports him by serving as his logistics person from home while he is on his journeys. She is a very creative person and writes about her DIY projects and crafting on her blog, more information about Adam Shoalts and his books, visit